Reliable GPS autosteering system for precision farming

Advanced capabilities of the automatic driving system, the task of which is to optimize the working efficiency of the machine parts and reduce the load and stress on the machine operator.


GPS autosteering system - support for tractors and other agricultural machinery

Modernity and advanced technologies unavoidably affect the lives and activities of farmers.

Innovations in their farms are not only modern and high-class agricultural machinery, but also additional equipment, software and technological improvements such as agricultural GPS systems or field navigators and management.

Not everyone can afford an autonomous tractor or other modern agricultural machinery. Fortunately, there is now an affordable alternative, thanks to which well-known manufacturers meet the expectations of the agricultural sector, offering GPS systems mounted on the tractors and all kinds of agricultural equipment.

The GPS Global Positioning System and GIS are technologies that have transformed the agricultural sector. They are now available on mobile phones and tablets. In addition, it is enough to purchase a relatively inexpensive supporting device and you can improve your farming and reduce agricultural cultivation costs.

Farmers who have been using GPS agricultural navigation systems for some time fully agree with the fact that before the implementation of GPS on their farms there were always problems in the form of financial and production losses. This took place both during sowing, fertilization and spraying crops, which generated significant losses, especially severe in the case of spraying with herbicides.

However, thanks to the investment in GPS navigation system for precision farming, it is possible to significantly eliminate financial outlays and save quite a lot.

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This GPS autosteering system is for you if:

You want to modernize your farm and crops

More and more farmers are using equipment based on GPS technology to increase productivity and efficiency of crops. GPS devices are becoming more and more compact, modern and adapted to the current needs of farmers.

You want to reduce the costs of running your farm

The GPS autosteering system offers better and more efficient farming practices as autopilot tractors and sprayers are equipped with tracking systems that eliminate human error and efficiently save fuel and agricultural equipment.

You want to meet the deadlines and work efficiency

One of the challenges farmers face is the lack of time, rush and pressure that do not favor accuracy and efficiency of work. Efficiency decreases or does not increase in proportion to the needs, which negatively affects the economy of the farm.

You want to manage your resources and fertilizers more efficiently

The rising costs of fertilizers and plant protection products are prompting farmers to use more precise machines equipped with electronic dosing systems, which significantly reduce the costs of seeds, fuel, fertilizers and spraying for agricultural cultivation.

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Why is it worth using the FJDynamics autosteering system on a farm?

Check what exactly you will gain by using our GPS autosteering system in your agricultural business:

You will enter a new era of farming

You will reduce crop costs and save money

You will gain more time and increase the comfort of work

You will increase the profitability of your farm


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We are a distributor of agricultural GPS navigation systems from FJDynamics.

FJDynamics is an international and innovative robotics company specializing in artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing and so-called big data.

We are committed to providing a full range of autonomous and digital solutions for industrial automation and intelligence in the rural, forestry, livestock, fisheries and construction sectors.

Together with FJDynamics, we are committed to promoting the modernization of traditional industries through digitization and the use of artificial intelligence to ultimately achieve greater efficiency and lower operating costs in these industries and sectors of the economy.

Our mission is to provide you with the necessary and modern solutions and systems for your farm.


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